BR342 Rooftop air conditioner


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Product Description

This leading edge air conditioner features advanced functionalities that have dramatically enhanced its overall performance. With condensation drain outlets allowing optional attachment of tubing to direct runoff away from door-ways or windows and a vertical compressor for reduced vibration. Also available, an optional electronic wall control with remote control.

Conveniently the BR342 air conditioner is 20% lighter with a reduced roof footprint compared to its predecessor, has 3 fan speeds, and can operate on most premium brand inverter type generators of 2 kWs and above*.

Cruise in comfort today. The BR342 air conditioner is cost effective, has advanced functionalities and now comes with reverse cycle air conditioning, making it the ultimate upgrade for your large RV.


  • Roof Top Air Con with ADB (Air Distrubution Box)
  • Reverse Cycle
  • Remote Control
  • Weight: 40kg
  • Dimensions: W670 x H282 x D721 (mm)