Diesel Heater, D2, Twin Outlet, 12v inc 801 mod kit


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Product Description

Eberspacher AIRTRONIC air heater

Cosy warmth during the day and night. The Eberspacher AIRTRONIC provides a level of performance and comfort that excels over all other heaters in its class. With smooth controllability the AIRTRONIC D2 delivers 2.2 kW of hot blown air automatically reducing as the heat rises with slow fan speed for quiet operation and fuel economy. AIRTRONIC can also be operated whilst on the move so you and your passengers are kept warm for the whole journey.

Weight: approx. 2.7kg Length: Depth: 310mm Height: 122mm Width: 115mm Heat Settings: Power, High, Medium, Low Electrical Power Consumption: Power 34W – High 22W – Medium 12W – Low 8W Water Pressure: Gas Comsumption: Fuel Consumption: Power 0.281/h – High 0.231/h – Medium 0.151/h – Low 0.101/h Standby Current: Current Consumption: Operating Voltage: Water Capacity: Voltage: 12V Water Temp: Normal Thermal Output: Heating Element:

Smooth, automatic room temperature control with temperature pre-set facility.
Low fuel and power consumption, suitable for longer periods of operation.
More comfort through wide control range, quiet night-time operation.
Fully electronic microprocessor control.
Continuous monitoring.
Power stage to cut heating times.
Diagnostic system.
Low noise operation.
Low maintenance, easy to service.
Can be operated whilst on the move.
Fuel supplied from the vehicle”s own tank (diesel only).
Small and compact design for easy and space-saving installation within the interior or even under the floor.