Dometic SEITZ Service Hatch Cut out W375 x D305mm


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Product Description

Cut out W375 x D305mm
Clear opening W334 x D 264mm

The style and design of the locker door matches the Seitz framed windows. It is supplied ready to install, horizontally or vertically. No screws are needed as it is simply glued into the vehicle wall. Manufactured by injection moulding from high grade weatherproof ASA
Equipped with a multi locking system (except version 375 x 305 mm)
Supplied complete with a system lock
The panel cut out for the aperture is used in the frame, which ensures that the styling and decor is continued around the vehicle.
Suitable for wall thickness from 25 mm to 42 mm (Versions 375 x 305 and 700 x 305 mm up to 32 mm)
Available in four different sizes.