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Product Description

Underbunk air conditioner – The Saphir comfort’s high power means that it is able to provide sufficient cooling, right through to the last corner, for vehicles up to 6.5 m in length. Enjoy all the benefits and the confidence of knowing you have a test winner on board.

Other features are:
Extremely light weight at only 23.5 kg.
For vehicles up to 6 m in length.
Automatic heating and cooling.
Extremely powerful cooling
performance: 2400 watt capacity.
Heating via heat pump:
1700 watt capacity.
he smallest in its class.
Practical timer function.

Truma Saphir Comfort
Price $2,099.00
Dimensions L628 x W400 x H290mm
Weight 23.5 kg approx.
Capacity Cooling: 2.4 kW approx.
Voltage 240 volts AC
Temperature Range Cooling only
Warranty 1 year Dometic warranty